Judgement Enforcement

I am a graduate of Columbia University and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. I personally have over twenty years of experience representing judgement creditors providers nationwide. My collection agency and law firm are located in New York and New Jersey and are staffed by a team of experienced collectors and attorneys extensively trained in Federal, State and local laws affecting the JUDGEMENT ENFORCEMENT Industry and are licensed and bonded. Our approach is persistence and insistence, while always maintaining a high level of professionalism. We know you have a reputation to maintain and so do we, therefore we always treat your debtors with care and respect. We also utilize the latest technologies to skip trace and locate debtor’s assets. I believe the combination of my personnel, company philosophy and collection techniques are responsible for the high rate of success (double the industry averages) and the ability to collect accounts where the competition has failed. My firm is accredited business and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Although we make every effort to resolve your bills with your clients and/or their insurance companies on a voluntary basis, when legal action is proper, you can rest assured we will not let your accounts stagnate in order to avoid fee splitting with outside counsel like other collection agencies.

After obtaining a judgment, me and my team, using our knowledge and experience along with the latest technologies including special access to private and public databases, are able to recover the full amount of the judgments plus any accrued interest by: finding debtors anywhere in the U.S.; locating their employer and garnishing their wages; locating their bank accounts and seizing them; uncovering stocks & bond accounts and taking them; locating real estate and personal property and levying and/or put liens on them; locating their spouses assets and attacking them; discovering assets which were transferred to another person or company to avoid paying a judgment and seizing them; and with regard to corporate debts, attacking the personal assets of the underlying owner. We have become recognized as leader in the field and our services are commonly utilized by many large institutions representing a broad spectrum of industries as well as by fellow attorneys who have previously been unsuccessful in their attempts to collect their client's judgments.

The best part of all is our fee is based on a simple percentage of the money we collect for our clients, so if we are unsuccessful, our clients are not responsible to pay anything for our services.