Our firm is staffed by a team of experienced attorneys extensively trained in Federal, State and local laws, especially those affecting commercial and consumer debt collection litigation.

We are fully compliant with the FDCPA, HIPAA, and FCRA laws and are licensed debt collectors with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.

Our approach is persistence and insistence, while always maintaining a high level of professionalism. Although our recovery rate is amongst the highest in the industry, in addition to securing money for our clients, our goal is also to ensure our client's reputations are protected, adversarial claims and actions are avoided and on-going client relationships are salvaged.
Rather than blindly litigating those matters that cannot be resolved through our firm's preliminary efforts, we utilize the latest technologies to skip trace and locate debtor’s assets, employment history and outstanding judgments and make an informed recommendation to our client if pursuing legal action is advisable.

When litigation is warranted, we are recognized by members of the bar, judges and court personnel as intelligent, skilled and zealous litigators.

Upon entry of judgment our firm is well versed in judgment enforcement techniques. The firm is often referred judgments by outside attorneys unfamiliar with the intricacies of converting a judgment to money.

The Schutzer Group, PLLC services include:





Contingency Fees are available, please inquire to determine if applicable.